We look forward to creating a unique artwork for your special project. Be encouraged to use your imagination, or dare us to use ours. Please feel free to browse our galleries and contact us with any questions.


CustomRugArt.com is a hand maker of unique carpet artwork. As our name suggests, custom rugs are designed and produced, by hand, using broadloom carpets, joined together to meet any specification, whether simple or complex. From a simple border, to geometric abstract insets, to elaborate and realistic carvings, our rugs can be loose laid, or inset into larger permanent installations that will last indefinitely.

These pieces can adorn a residential home, an office, a retail store, a church, a tradeshow exhibit, or any area that one imagines. We will work together to match your décor for color, style, and size to make any room stand out.


We have made rugs for a variety of needs, and budgets, and that is what is so unique. Each piece provides a “one of a kind” allure because they are just that! We hand fabricate our pieces to our customer’s taste, not on a machine or production line, but one at a time. You will not find our rugs in any chain store or “big box” store. Our appeal is that we provide our individual client an individual work of art, one at a time. So, you can be assured that your artistic dream is yours alone, not to be shared with other homes or businesses.

We invite you to visit our website galleries to view our entire collection in more detail. And remember, our galleries are being updated all the time. Our galleries are great for inspiration, and to show what we can do, but the best ideas always come from you.


CustomRugArt.com is also a full service installation company, specializing in all types of floors: carpet, tile, hardwood, laminates, synthetics, vinyl, bamboo, ceramics, and more. We employ professional installers with technical experience, if you should need complete follow through. We will work together with the homeowner, interior designer, or company committee to achieve the most effective solution for your project. As artists, we enjoy the creative interaction with our clients, and helping them reach their goal within a timely and budget conscious manner.

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